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TOP 05 Quotes By Logic That Inspired Everyone

Sir Robert Bryson “Bobby” Hall also known by his stage name “Logic”. He is one of most well-known RAPPERS, songwriter and singer. He is well-known for his energetic raps and songs. Although he was expelled from high school in tenth grade now he is a prominent songwriter of America. He started doing it at his early age. Logic gave his statement regarding his high school life saying: “ I started doing badly and I failed in every class, so they kicked me out of high school, they gave up on me “. Watching movies at an early age influenced his life to be a singer.



“Finally, let you go I thought I never could”
This quote describes the thought of logic saying that now I have started forgetting you. I am letting your thoughts to go from my mind like a sand goes from the loose hands. Although I was emotionally and mentally tied to you now I am striving to flow with memories that you and I had together ever.

Leaves in fall

“Love is like leaves in the fall. Some people get scared and leave when you fall” It is a metaphor quote it describes the truth disguise behind the fake people. It defines the love.

Don’t give up

“I recognize what it resembles to be all, all discouraged and not have any desire to go out and live and, that is not a solid man, you can’t be living that way. What’s the matter with you?”

This quote says “Try, try again”. Never give up on anything. If you cannot fly then run if you cannot run then walk if you cannot walk then crawl. All you have to do is to keep on moving and never give up because mistakes are best teachers they let you know to do the thing in a right way. Sitting depressed and not living life is not real man quality. If something makes you fall down just get up and take the bull by the horns.

No limits

“How sky can be the limit when there are footprints on the Moon”
This is a Motivational Quote of Logic saying that nothing has limits. There are no limits to doing anything. Everything can be done uniquely. Logic shares his experience of life that with patience nothing is impossible in this universe. The word “universe” says itself that I am possible. To do anything all you need is positive attitude and consistency. There is famous saying “if there is will then there is a way”.

Ups and Downs

“There are ups and downs in life, Don’t get me wrong”
No doubt, Ups and Downs are the part of life never stick with them. They are the temporary emotions just flow with them. Actually, life is a process of happening tons of ups and downs. Always put your best foot forward for the future let the past flow with the passage of times. Either you are a postman or successful business you will have the good days and bad days. Everybody has ups and downs that’s what makes the life a “life”

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