When it comes to music, there are some artistes that are sure to always bring out banging songs, others that you just have to feature if you want your song to be a hit, and then finally, some artistes who are sure to always bring out jamming songs when a particular music producer is behind the beat of the song. just like how Agege bread with Ewa Agoyin, Jollof Rice and Dodo, and Amala and draw soup are amazing food combos, below are four of the best artiste-producer combos that always produce banging songs.


D’banj – Don Jazzy

Once upon a time, all D’banj had to do to make his song a hit was to simply say “It’s Don Jazzy again” at the beginning of a song. Don Jazzy’s magical hands birthed three of D’Banj’s greatest albums especially one of the best albums to ever come out of Nigeria, “Entertainer.” Industry-shifting songs like “Why Me”, “Tongolo”, “Suddenly”, “Mr Endowed”, “Fall in Love”, etc. We are still waiting and hoping that they work together again because it really feels like they both need it in their lives.

Wizkid – Samklef

This is another artiste-producer combo that we are missing more than the late Umar Yaradua’s time as President of Nigeria when fuel was sold at N65. Samklef’s artistry gave rise to some of the best songs on Wizkid’s best album to date- which coincidentally, was his debut album, “Superstar”. Songs like “Pakurumo”, “Tease Me”, “Slow Whine”, “Wad Up”, and a few others down the line. One can only wonder why they can’t put their differences aside and make good music that both they and us will benefit from.


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