4 Easy Ways To Make Your Songs Reach A Wider Audience

The saying “music is life” never gets old because music is everywhere and is used in almost everything that involves entertainment and media. From jingles to soundtracks and songs, you can find a bit of music in everything entertainment. However, many musicians have settled for selling their songs online when there are many other avenues to make money and reach a wider audience. It all depends on where you place your songs.

Below, you will find 4 easy places you can get your songs placed that will no doubt help you reach a wider audience, get more fans and make some extra money, though you may have to spend in some.

Youtube Shows

This is one avenue where upcoming musicians are really carrying last in. There are millions of shows on YouTube for you to put your songs (vocals or instrumentals) on. Shows like Vibe.ng’s Street Vibe, for instance, is one place you can get your songs placed. Shows on YouTube is more global than local as anyone anywhere in the world can stumble upon a YouTube show, and if they like your instrumental/song playing in the background, then you have no doubt gained an extra fan who will hurry to the nearest store to buy/stream your music.


Adverts are a never-ending norm when watching television programmes. And getting your songs played on TV/Radio adverts is another way to reach millions more. Just like how Harry Song’s “Reggae Blues” got featured in Gala Sausage Roll’s advert and Olamide’s “Melo Melo” got featured on Etisalat – now 9mobile’s – advert. Think of the many people who heard their songs and rushed off to buy it because they loved both songs. I confess I am actually one of those people.




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