Even though SoundCloud is a streaming platform that solely deals with audio files, whatever you upload has to look just as good as it sounds to be able to get the desired amount of plays you want.


There are many ways artistes, record labels and creators get streams on their uploads like; being added to a playlist and getting reposted, however, there are a few other methods by which you can increase the number of plays by taking full advantage of the algorithms SoundCloud has to offer.

You should have a clean SoundCloud metadata

There is one mistake many content creators on SoundCloud make that you should avoid like the plague: track info containing unreadable words and letters.

A good example is using the name the track may have been saved in, like “YourxxFatherxM.IxDice&Ailesvfinal” as the title of your track. Doesn’t that just look off to you? It definitely wouldn’t be easy to find your track on SoundCloud. A good title would be “Your Father – M.I feat Dice Ailes.” Also, avoid duplicating information that’s displayed elsewhere.

Not everyone on SoundCloud is an artist. Label accounts should provide the artist’s name and title so that the artist and song can be recognizable. Additionally, this information helps with discoverability on the platform.

Use high-def images and write detailed descriptions

Cover art and descriptions are just as important. Always use high-resolution images and resize them to fit within the confines. In addition, the description is a clean slate that allows you to be as descriptive and creative as you want. Tell your listeners the story of the audio you’ve uploaded. In the description you can add the “backstory, credits, lyrics, gear lists, or guest lists,” says SoundCloud.

This is also the perfect place to give your collaborator(s) a shoutout by linking their profiles. Remain consistent and professional in your writing on your tracks.


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