6 Annoying (But Sometimes True) Stereotypes About Musicians

Musicians are usually the flashiest of celebrities because they do love flaunting their success and they also love putting their lives out in the open because whether we accept it as a fact, or not, it’s one of the best ways to stay relevant as a celebrity.


Though not all musicians are guilty of this, the actions of the flashy ones have made many people look at musicians generally through stereotypical lenses and the 6 points below are some of the most common, annoying (but sometimes true) stereotypes.

They’re always Tardy

If there was ever an award for the tardiest musician among the categories in a music award show, that would undoubtedly be the most competitive one. A lot of them are late to sound rehearsals, shows, interviews and even business meetings. And some of them do it on purpose just so they can make an entrance. Funny, right?

Emotionally unstable

If you have listened to albums of The Weeknd, Darey, Banky W, Asa, etc., you’ll notice how much of their music reflects their mood. Now it’s not that musicians are emotionally unstable (though some are,) it’s more like drawing on an experience for inspiration. It’s a sad stereotype, even though it’s sometimes true.

Maybe creativity is self-absorbing by nature, maybe it’s a self-defence armour against a world that makes musicians feel like crap — until they’re successful.


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