BREAKING: Oritse Femi Beaten Up For Stabbing A Bouncer In Quilox



It happened around 2am Saturday morning, Jackson Bassey reported live from Quilox, night club confirm musician Oritse Femi just got into big trouble after he brutally stabbed one of the bouncers of the organization.

It happened that Rock Steady was resisted by Quilox bouncer from coming to a particular section of the club where Oritse Femi was seated, Oritse Femi got pissed by the way his Colleague was being treated and intervened giving the bouncer a dirty slap, Jackson Bassey also reported that his assistant added up by stabbing the bouncer in the face.

The rest of the bouncers reacted by taking Oritse Femi hostage and beat him up as well though he was finally released after much pleading.

We have the video also

Meanwhile see some photos below after the cut:




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