The Game Announces New & Final Album ‘Westside Story’

The Game has announced his next album Westside Story. The rapper performed at the Bud Arena in Moscow on December 18th where he spoke to the crowd in between his set.


Game joked that he will be going to jail once he reaches back his city of L.A. and then start working on his album which will “probably” be his last. The title is significant as it was also the name of one of his biggest songs, ‘Westside Story‘ featuring 50 Cent released in 2004. He released a mixtape of the same name as well back in the same year to promote his debut album The Documentary.

He also mentioned how he never thought he would be performing in Russia one day. Game released his last album 1992 back in October which did not perform well on the charts. Watch his announcement below.

Incidentally, even 50 Cent recently revealed that his next album Street King Immortal will be his last.

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